Thursday, September 11, 2014

Airplane: A Tribute to My Father

As the apple of the eye of the family, my father dreamed high, as high as the sky, for his youngest son. When I was small I can still clearly recall how he used to excitedly watch airplanes above, with eyes wide open, while plowing the field in our farm. "Look, an airplane!", he used to shout while I hurriedly run to see that magnificent object floating on clouds and flying seamlessly in the air.

Yes, Tatay wanted me to become a pilot. However, he also observed my weakness. While I was growing up, it became more evident that I have no 20/20 vision. I am myopic, nearsighted. It crushed my father's heart.

But he did not stop believing in me. He supported me with my endeavours all throughout. I consistently topped the class. I remember him carrying me as if I was a baby and talking to others with pride how proud he was of me. He used to compare me as a native chicken (coming from humble roots as poor farmers) who is competing with "texas" or fighting cocks with breed (children who are sons and daughters of rich and prominent families). I never recall recognition days with him on stage, it was always my mother who accompanied me in front of the audience to receive my award. Recently, I learned from a relative that during those days he was always there in the crowed, teary-eyed, while watching his son receive applause and commendation. My tears fell like rain.

He had heart attack. He died while I was young, too young to face the challenges in the world. I grew up longing for him, looking forward to see him again in Paradise, a hope that he instilled on my mind. Yes, he taught me about the truth, the most precious possession he ever had. It is the priceless treasure that I received from him, so priceless that it guided me to become a man with discipline, even without him to personally train me. The truth that he instilled in my mind when I was young is also the most treasured possession that I have which I will pass on to the future generation. I thank him for that. I will make sure that his memories will never be forgotten. 

He used to imitate people's way of speaking. Apparently, he's also linguist, a polyglot. A very disciplinarian man he was. Strict, firm but kind-hearted and soft in tears. He could have been a lawyer or a doctor unfortunately he only finished elementary school due to poverty. He spoke English fluently. Thanks to the good genes I inherited his intelligence. 

I travel a lot. By doing so, I am fulfilling my father's dream for me to become a pilot. I may not be in the cockpit to man the plane but I am still inside that big metal object that floats in the air. It warms my heart to reminisce the days when my father used to read books for me then afterwards sing me lullaby to sleep with hope to see him again in Paradise. 

Surely he will be surprised to see me how full grown young man I've become. Undeniably, we look the same physically. I look forward to tour the world  with Tatay in Paradise, when the world will no longer be divided by territorial boundaries, race, hatred and war, where I will no longer wear lenses. God is not unjust to forget my father's labor of love and the faith he has shown (Hebrews 6: 10). He will be resurrected, no doubt about it. I am looking forward positively. 

NOTE: My keyboard was soaking wet (partly exaggerated) with tears while typing this entry. I had to turn off the laptop and wipe it dry to avoid short circuit. 

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